Support for Growth-oriented Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

Looking at the need to support women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia
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The report indicates the next steps that are appropriate for the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) in supporting growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

The report discusses the following issues:

  • Support for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia;
  • The economic context;
  • The micro and small enterprises (MSE) sector in Ethiopia;
  • The state of women's enterprise in Ethiopia;
  • The MSE development strategy;
  • The components of an enabling environment for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs.

The report then makes recommendations for:

  • Policy/program coordination and leadership;
  • The promotion of entrepreneurship;
  • Women's access to microfinance and other forms of financing;
  • Training and skills development;
  • Business support and information;
  • Women entrepreneurs' associations and capacity building;
  • Access to premises;
  • The regulatory environment;
  • Further research.

The report concludes by stating that:

  • The lack of access to education, training, information, finance and land are the main hurdles that constrain Ethiopian women entrepreneurs;
  • There is a need to consolidate and expand initiatives such as credible role-models, facilitation for women-owned enterprises, etc.;
  • Donors, government organizations and non-government organizations need to develop an overall strategy for improving the circumstances of women, especially their access to finance;
  • Two of the most important things are to improve women's access to education, and effect changes in the cultural, socio-economic environment to accord them higher status and more control over economic resources.

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By Stevenson, L. & St-Onge, A.