Wrap Up and Moving Forward - The PLP on Strategic Alliances for Financial Services and Market Linkages in Rural Areas

The Peer Learning Process in a nutshell
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This document is a presentation that describes the Peer Learning Process (PLP) and deals with various aspects associated with PLP. The document highlights the following:

  • The PLP program's strategic alliances for financial services and market linkages in rural areas;
  • The current challenges in rural areas;
  • The manner in which this program can be explored as a possible solution for the current existing challenges in the rural areas;
  • The current PLP network;
  • Possible strategic alliances so as to make this program much more effective.

The document further gives a brief description about the partners and discusses the four project milestones in rural finance for value chain, which include the following:

  • Assessing the markets and understanding value chain finance;
  • Forming new strategic alliances/ partnerships;
  • Implementing innovative and commercial solutions;
  • Developing exit or replication strategies.

The document concludes with some examples of potential solutions.