Post-Conflict Action & Microfinance in Sierra Leone

Reconstructing communities through microfinance

This paper examines the reconstruction and recovery of Sierra Leone after the civil war which ended in 2002. It focuses on the role of international aid from NGOs, MFIs, other organizations and donors.

The paper discusses the causes and consequences of the civil war in Sierra Leone. It highlights problems facing post-war Sierra Leone and gives an overview of reconstruction efforts. The paper states that the efforts of NGOs, donors and international agencies have been decisive in the post-conflict recovery of Sierra Leone. It analyzes the role of microfinance in conflict prevention and resolution, and lists significant microfinance projects in Sierra Leone.

The paper makes suggestions for MFIs to face the challenges of working in post-conflict societies. These include:

  • Following an inclusive client policy;
  • Ensuring that staff and local bankers adhere to MFIs' social mission;
  • Setting realistic objectives and linking staff pay to MFIs' goals;
  • Adhering to ethical practices;
  • Using normal loan products and methods where possible;
  • Using means of reconciliation such as complimentary training groups or small grant projects;
  • Planning for the long term.

About this Publication

By Momo, S., Costa, L., Letho, M., Manzi, S. & Rebakis, J.