Disasters and Conflict

No part of the world is immune to disaster, whether natural or manmade. However, developing countries and poorer communities are much more vulnerable to crises related to disasters and conflict because they often lack solid infrastructure, government safety nets, insurance, or long-term savings.

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) and other financial service providers that work with low-income people need to be prepared to help their clients through the economic recovery process, while they also maintain their own financial viability.

From floods to fire to war, the breadth of natural and manmade disasters confronted by microfinance providers over the years has prompted a great deal of reflection as to what constitutes appropriate and effective industry responses. Though every crisis is different, common guidelines on emergency preparedness and responses can help MFIs and their clients before and after disaster strikes.

A Haitian woman holds a pamphlet. Photo by Ben Depp, 2011 CGAP Photo Contest