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Microfinance in Gaza Will Play a Crucial Role in the Post-Conflict Economic Recovery

When the war ends in the Gaza Strip, the support of the international community will be key to help Gazans recover.


From Crisis to Resilience: The Role of Inclusive Finance in Fragile Countries

This working paper identifies three levers of change for funders in contexts where long-term financial market building is a challenge: leveraging humanitarian cash transfers, understanding informal financial services, and improving local market facilitation.

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Growing Climate Risk in Africa: How Can Financial Inclusion Help?

Advans Ghana shares three steps FSPs should take to support the small businesses and farmers who are increasingly impacted by extreme climate events.

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Humanitarian Aid Meets Fintech

Providing humanitarian aid in emergency situations is fraught with risks and challenges. Here are four ways fintech innovations are helping aid agencies streamline delivery and manage risks.

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In Times of Crisis, Who Holds the Lifeline for Microfinance Institutions and Their Clients?

Youssef Fawaz of the Lebanese MFI Al Majmoua, shares the difficult reality of trying to keep an established institution running while the economy collapses around it.


Digital Cash Transfers for Emergency Response: Lessons From Cameroon

This research shares findings from an evaluation in 2021 documenting lessons learned from digital government-to-people (G2P) payments to eighty thousand beneficiaries, mostly women, in Cameroon.

Case Study

Increasing Access to Formal Financial Services

This learning brief describes three models that USAID-funded Feed the Future Rural Resilience Activity utilized to provide formal financial services, in particular credit and savings, to previously excluded populations in Northeast Nigeria.


Demand and Supply Study Report on Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance in Papua New Guinea

This report examines challenges associated with access to affordable and suitable insurance for low- and moderate-income communities, risks, and coping mechanisms and identifies unaddressed issues.


Demand and Supply Study Report on Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance in Kiribati

This report delves into the complex landscape of disaster risk financing, assessing both the demand and the supply side for effective insurance and financing tools to mitigate climate and disaster-related losses.


Demand and Supply Study Report on Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance in Solomon Islands

This demand and supply study report examines the growing impact of disasters caused by environmental hazards on individuals and households across Solomon Islands.