A Mantra for a Green Earth: Preliminary TBL Forecast Impact

Understanding the benefits of combining financial and energy aid in Sierra Leone
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This study forecasts the triple bottom line impact of Spanda Foundation's Mantra Project (Mantra). It was conducted on a selected number of estimated target beneficiaries in six chiefdoms in the southern province of Sierra Leone.

Mantra aims to provide a combination of financial aid and green energy equipment to developing countries to enhance their social, ethical, economic and environmental empowerment. The project in Sierra Leone has a timeline of three years, targeting 100 direct beneficiaries for the first year. One of Spanda's local implementing partners provided the data for the TBL impact study. Findings include:

  • Estimated target beneficiaries were 52 females and 37 males, with a mean age of 41.3 years;
  • Male to female ratio confirms the traditional belief in providing women with access to productive resources and suggests that women participate more than men in productive activities;
  • Most beneficiaries were married with children, implying that Mantra would help increase the use of family labor and reduce use of hired labor;
  • Relatively small size of direct beneficiaries households may increase amount of labor needed.

Mantra would also provide training and capacity building to help increase local communities living standards.

About this Publication

By Momo, S., Breman, J., Carretti, E. et al