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Beyond “The Poor”: Using Empowering Narratives to Advance the Impacts of Aid

Three reasons why the development community should lead the shift away from using language that emphasizes people’s deficits, and model how we can do better.


Tameo Announces the Release of the 2023 Private Asset Impact Fund (PAIF) Report

This year's report offers the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of the impact fund market, focusing on private asset strategies in emerging and frontier markets in developing countries. 


The Promises of Digital Bank Accounts for Low-Income Individuals

This study tests the extent to which the promises of digital modes of payment, increased efficiency of transactions, increased financial inclusion, and improvements in the financial well-being of low-income individuals, are fulfilled.


What Women Say About Microfinance

This report offers an in-depth look at the impact of microfinance and financial services on women's financial resilience, access to finance, and on their businesses and households. 

Guide / Toolkit

Impact Assessment of Financial Service Providers: Market Conduct Risk-Based Supervision Guideline Note

This guideline note is meant to assist policymakers in developing impact assessment frameworks, under the MC-RBS umbrella and the overarching goals of financial consumer protection policy.

FinDev Blog

How Do You Know If You're Making an Impact? First, Get Better Data

As impact investors increasingly seek deeper impact measurement and reporting, MFIs need to up their game to show if and how their products and services drive positive changes in their clients’ businesses, lives, families, and communities.


An Impact Assessment of Microfinance in Cambodia

This impact assessment aims to understand the success and overall impact of the microfinance sector since the start-up of the microfinance program in Cambodia up to today.


The Impact of Financial Inclusion on Young Women’s Well-Being

This working paper finds that in addition to improving financial skills and savings levels, financial inclusion initiatives may also improve health and livelihood outcomes for young women when combined with other interventions.


2023 Microfinance Index Report

Based on interviews with over 32,000 borrowers in 32 countries spanning Asia, Africa, and Latin America, this report explores the impact of microfinance on the lives of some of the world's most marginalized communities.


Universal Basic Income: Short-Term Results From a Long-Term Experiment in Kenya

This study examines the the consequences of universal basic income in the context of a unique field experiment in rural Kenya.