Gender Policy and Practice: Self-Assessments of Microfinance and Enterprise Development Organizations in Latin America

Examining MFI's commitment to gender equity and women's empowerment
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This report provides a summary and analysis of the self-assessment results provided by participating organizations in the Latin American Gender Working Group. The self-assessment was aimed to stimulate reflection in the participating organizations about the implications of their policies and practices for gender equity and women empowerment. Twenty-six organizations from Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Colombia, as well as four international organizations, completed the self-assessment. The report states that the self-assessment results should not be considered as representative of gender practice among MFIs in the region. They should, instead, be considered as an exploration of existing gender practice and gaps among organizations with above-average level of gender awareness. Findings include:

  • About 80% of respondents indicated that gender and empowerment form part of their organization's mission and vision;
  • Around 38% have an equal opportunity employment policy;
  • Upto 73% were able to provide examples of indicators used to measure advances of women in achieving greater control over the use of resources.

The report also highlights the need to institutionalize emerging good practices, and to deepen institutions commitment to gender equity and putting policies in place that will serve the organizations as they grow.

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By Fraioli, L. & Byekirova, M.