Supporting Members to Adopt Client Protection at Azerbaijan Microfinance Association

Highlighting the role that microfinance networks and associations can play in protecting MFI clients

Microfinance networks and associations have a unique role to play in the industrys adoption of client protection practices. Networks and associations bring client protection information to their members, provide support, training, and technical assistance for the implementation of client protection activities, create industry Codes of Conduct as well as lobby and counsel regulators on client protection initiatives among other important contributions. Established in 2001, the Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) champions client protection among their 28 member organizations. As a part of their larger social performance management (SPM) strategy, AMFA supports members in the adoption of the Client Protection Principles. AMFA shared with the Smart Campaign why client protection is a priority for the association, and how they encourage strong client protection practices in the Azerbaijani microfinance industry. Their client protection initiatives can serve as a good practice example to other networks and associations.

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By Huseynova, S. & Wardle, L.