Sustaining Graduation: A Review of The CLM Program in Haiti

Assessing the sustainability of benefits from Chemen Lavi Miyo Program in Haiti
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The Chemin Lavi Miyo (CLM) project was designed as an intervention to tackle extreme poverty at an individual level in Haiti. It is a multi-pronged livelihood protection and promotion scheme, belonging to the Graduation family, as first developed by BRAC in Bangladeshi. The CLM project was piloted by Concern and Fonkoze over an 18-month period between June 2007 and December 2008, in three locations in Haiti – Boucan Carre, Pointe-a-Raquette on the island of La Gonave and Trou-du-Nord. In total, 150 female heads of household were enrolled in the pilot, 50 from each location.

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