Gender Role and Individual Modernity: An Exploratory Study in Microfinance and Gender Role Transformation

Discussing the impact of microfinance on individual modernity of women clients
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This study explores the impact of microcredit on the attitudes, behaviors, values, and aspirations of women in rural and peri-urban Bangladesh. It aims to determine whether the impact of microfinance is only economic or whether it also has long-term impact in terms of changes in the traditional gender-role divisions and individual modernity. The study also seeks to examine the extent to which women clients of microfinance have achieved autonomy in terms of their thoughts, aspirations for the children’s education, and their awareness of various social issues. It applies both qualitative and quantitative approaches to household survey data to arrive at a conclusion. The paper covers the following sections in detail:

  • Review of relevant literature and indicators of individual modernity;
  • Methodology of the study, which includes: surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions;
  • Perceptions and awareness of issues of gender inequality;
  • Rational thinking and future orientation of respondents;
  • Discussion on women’s social values, tolerance, fatalism, secular values, and knowledge and awareness about basic social issues;
  • Major findings of the study and policy implications.

About this Publication

By Khondker, H.H.