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Tackling Credit Fairness and Missed Business Opportunities with Reject Inference

 “Reject inference” techniques help financial institutions to increase their credit portfolio profitability by improving the accuracy of their approval mechanisms, with implications for offering credit to women who would otherwise be unable to access it. 


Al-Amal Microfinance Bank's Micro-Letters of Guarantee (Micro-LGs)

This paper describes the development of microfinance in Yemen and the role of Al-Amal Bank in the sector over the past 15 years, then introduces the concept of micro letters of guarantee, which Al-Amal Bank launched in 2020.


Leveraging Transactional Data for Micro and Small Enterprise Lending

This case study examines the data and experience of two fintechs in India that use different sets of transactional data for credit scoring.

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Financial Institutions' Portfolio Quality, Growth and Financial Performance After COVID-19

The information in this detailed analysis showcases the remarkable resilience of the microfinance sector across multiple regions.


Gender-Intentional Credit Scoring

This guide introduces a gender-lens analytical framework for lenders to determine whether lending decisions and outcomes in their portfolios differ by gender and, if so, how.


Developing an Impact Monitoring System for Sida’s Guarantee Instrument

This publication shares key learnings from case studies from Guatemala and Bosnia and Herzegovina and illustrates their contribution to co-designing an impact monitoring system for Sweden’s guarantee instrument.


MicroRate Authorized to Operate As a Risk Rating Agency in Panama

This is the first time that a rating agency specializing in microfinance has been authorized in Panama to rate regulated financial institutions in the country.


Fintech Lending Risk Barometer 2022-2023

This study is part of a market monitoring exercise to understand the range of risks and how they are perceived by multiple stakeholders in the Indian fintech lending sector.

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Rethinking MSME Financing: It's the Customer's Digital Transformation That Matters

As small businesses go digital, platform data can help MFIs better serve them, contributing to a healthier, more sustainable and more inclusive lending model.

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Who Do You Trust? Building a “TrustScore” for Savings Groups

DreamStart Labs explores how to incorporate member-driven assessments into credit scoring through their app.