Creating an Enabling Environment to Improve Client Value

Suggesting strategies to achieve public policy objectives through microinsurance markets
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This brief provides recommendations for policy makers, regulators, and funders on how to create an enabling environment that promotes client value. The insights provided in the brief are based on new impact evidence of microinsurance and the experience of countries where governments and donors are using insurance related interventions to achieve public policy objectives or develop the market. The brief provides ten blueprints to guide government and donor decisions across three main dimensions: insurance promotion through public-private partnerships (PPPs) and subsidies, investment in infrastructure and client education, and regulation and supervision. The blueprints that are suggested for public actors and funders include:

  • Establish effective PPPs;
  • Invest in smart subsidies;
  • Leverage insurance to extend health social protection;
  • Leverage insurance to enhance food security;
  • Leverage insurance against losses from natural disasters;
  • Invest in infrastructure;
  • Make sure that consumers understand insurance;
  • Adjust insurance regulations;
  • Gradually foster client protection;
  • Allow space for innovation.

About this Publication

By Fonseca, C. & Dalal, A.