Voice of the Client: An Analysis of Client Satisfaction and Consumer Protection Across Four MFIs in India

Areas of strength and areas in need of further investigation
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This report presents the findings of the Voice of the Client (VoC) project, a pilot developed for microfinance institutions (MFIs) to leverage mobile technologies as a means to analyze the level of satisfaction of their clients with the suite of products and services offered. Between June and November 2014, data related to client protection principles (CPPs) were collected from almost 6,000 women clients across four MFIs in India – Cashpor, Satin, Sonata and Ujjivan – in Delhi and the State of Uttar Pradesh. The data were collected using mobile technologies – interactive voice responses (IVR), call center, and face-to-face interviews recorded through the use of smart mobile devices.

The findings show a generally high level of satisfaction among the clients sampled, which speaks to the robustness of the consumer protection practices put in place by the four MFIs. However, the pilot also highlights some areas of opportunity that warrant further investigation.

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By Pistelli, M. , Pierantozzi, A.