Women’s Financial Inclusion: A Driver for Global Growth

Recommendations for various stakeholders to address challenges to financial access

This publication outlines specific recommendations for G20 countries, domestic governments, the private sector and the international development community to address challenges in women’s financial inclusion. It suggests, that taking meaningful actions, such as those recommended in this paper, will increase women’s financial inclusion to drive global economic growth. The recommended actions for each of the stakeholders are:

  • G20 Countries:
    • Create women-specific targets.
  • Domestic governments:
    • Ensure legal parity;
    • Support women in work;
    • Create new forms of financial identification;
    • Digitize existing payments;
    • Implement robust consumer protections;
    • Remove regulatory barriers to financial inclusion.
  • The private sector:
    • Reach women where they are;
    • Design simple, intuitive digital financial products;
    • Develop marketing and onboarding strategies differently;
    • Tailor internal processes to address women’s constraints.
  • The international development community:
    • Measure and target quality outcomes;
    • Invest in market infrastructure around the edges;
    • Build on informal financial networks.

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