Insights on the Preferences and Usage of Financial Services by Savings Groups in Tanzania

Identifying the potential for linking savings groups to formal financial service providers

This research, conducted in Tanzania in 2017, aimed to identify the potential for linkages of savings groups (SGs) to formal financial service providers (FSPs) based on the needs, preferences, and usage of SGs in Tanzania, and to explore the potential for sustainable commercial relationships between FSPs and SGs.

The research addressed four clusters of questions:

  1. The potential market for FSPs among groups and their members.
  2. The products and services used, and desired, by groups and their members. 
  3. External factors that can have an effect (positive or negative) on FSP-group relations.
  4. Questions around the implementation of programs including the perception of FSPs by members, various partners, and entry points. 

About this Publication

By Dorica Andrew, Janeth George, Linda Helgesson Sekei & Paul Rippey