Microfinance Barometer 2018

Should microfinance be profitable?

The Microfinance Barometer is an annual publication that aims to showcase global trends in the sector while raising awareness of high impact microfinance initiatives and promoting best practices. 

Entitled “Microfinance and Profitabilities,” the 9th edition of the Microfinance Barometer presents key figures of the sector and explores the topic of profitability in its multiple aspects. It offers different points of view and highlights the strong interdependence between social and economic performance. With case studies, expert analyses and investor interviews, this edition presents an overview of the profitability of microfinance and provides important takeaways on the dual return – social and financial – of microfinance. The Barometer explores the following questions:

  • Should microfinance be profitable? If so, can it be profitable while remaining socially responsible?
  • Can it remain true to its aspirations and contribute, through financial inclusion, to lift nearly 2 billion people without access to banking services out of poverty? 
  • How can social performance and financial profitability be combined to best serve the beneficiaries?

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