The Impact of Mobile Money on Monetary and Financial Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Analysis of mobile money's impact on a country’s macroeconomic and financial sector development

The extent to which mobile money impacts a country’s macroeconomic and financial sector development has not been fully examined. To address this evidence gap, GSMA Mobile Money and GSMA Intelligence have undertaken a study to assess the impact of mobile money on monetary and financial stability across several countries in Sub-Saharan AfricaTo achieve this, they looked at trends in a number of monetary and financial outcomes, both in countries where mobile money adoption is widespread and where uptake has been limited.

Given the broad scope of countries covered in the study, these findings can help to inform policy discussions and support dialogue between regulators, mobile money providers and other financial service providers on reforms that can promote growth in the financial sector.

About this Publication

By Kennedy Kipkemboi & Kalvin Bahia