The Mobile Money Regulatory Index

Measuring the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks across six enabling dimensions

The Mobile Money Regulatory Index is a new regulatory tool introduced by the GSMA to provide a quantitative assessment of the extent to which regulation has been effective in establishing enabling regulatory environments. The Index identifies the indicators that have the greatest impact on establishing enabling regulatory environments and provides policy makers and regulators with specific insights into policy areas where targeted interventions may be employed to help enable growth in mobile money adoption and usage.

This report introduces the tool and provides analysis using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to arrive at scores for more than 80 countries under review. The Index analyzes six broad enabling dimensions: 

  • Authorization.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Transaction limits.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC).
  • Agent networks.
  • Investment and infrastructure environment.

About this Publication

By Kalvin Bahia & Brian Muthiora