2019 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money

What do one billion registered accounts mean for the industry and the future of the mobile money ecosystem?

2019 marked a major milestone for the mobile money industry: the number of registered mobile money accounts surpassed one billion. Reaching the one billion mark is a tremendous achievement for an industry that is just over a decade old.

This year’s State of the Industry Report looks at what one billion registered accounts signify for the mobile money industry, mobile money users and the future of the mobile money ecosystem. The report looks at some of the biggest trends in 2019:

  • A growing number of providers are becoming commercially sustainable.
  • The industry continues to invest in distribution networks and sustainable agent income.
  • Providers are shifting to a ‘payments as a platform’ model.
  • The digitization of payments has reached new heights.
  • More value is circulating in the mobile money system than exiting.
  • The industry is increasingly interoperable and integrated.
  • The regulatory landscape is evolving.

About this Publication

By Nika Naghavi