An Assessment of Policy and Regulatory Constraints and Enablers to Women’s Financial Inclusion in Myanmar

In-depth review and analysis of existing policies and regulations

Laws, policies and regulations enable or constrain financial access, usage and control in Myanmar, with implications for women’s economic participation and empowerment. Gender responsive laws, policies and regulations create an ‘enabling environment’ and benefit the other key spheres of influence for women’s financial inclusion—namely the supply and demand for financial services—as well as the crosscutting sociocultural context. In this context, financial inclusion is a key enabler of women’s economic empowerment —a global development goal in itself and essential to achieving sustainable economic development and poverty alleviation.

This discussion paper assesses the constraints and enablers in terms of policy and regulations within the enabling environment in Myanmar. It presents policy recommendations to address these constraints to women’s financial inclusion—namely policy and legal barriers. The target audience is Myanmar policymakers and international development agencies that provide technical assistance to various stakeholders within the country.