An Imperative Need for a New Social Order in Microfinance Community

Towards ushering in a resilient ecosystem in the battle against corona pandemic

The battle against corona does not confine to only economic resurgence by supplying microcredit to the poor clients in both demand and supply sides of microfinance sector but how to protect them from the offense of the corona in the health perspectives. In other words, imperatively it is warranted that the survival of human beings in the pandemic in the microfinance sector merits attention on priority in the revival package. It is therefore surmised that in the process of ushering in a new social order with a resilient ecology in the microfinance sector, there is a dilemma in awarding priority either for economic revival through the flow of microcredit for releasing financial stress or human survival with the resilient physical capability in the process of recovery from the pandemic.

The study, based on secondary data, concludes that microfinance actors need to consider that economic revival bundle should not confine with a fresh dose of microcredit alone and recovery of it collectively or individually in microfinance sector without synchronizing a social-oriented bundle in the micro-financial package towards nurturing on health care awareness and for the obedience of obligatory preventive measures namely social distancing, face mask, washing hands by the poor clients in the last mile.

About this Publication

By Ali Saleh Alshebami,Dr. V. Rengarajan