Measuring Microfinance Impact

A practitioner perspective and working methodology

This paper introduces the concepts of impact, impact analysis/assessment and management, outlining the differences between assessment and evaluation, and highlighting their growing importance among the international and European communities.

Two case studies are presented in this research to better explain and practically implement the theoretical framework prefaced in the first part. They are not real-life cases, but they do show how the set of indicators should be applied in two different scenarios. One represents its adoption by an MFI, presenting the impact assessment on financial supply side which aims at understanding how financial institutions could apply this aspect into their daily work. The second one, which is an impact assessment of a financial education activity, displays how the set of indicators could be used for evaluating impact assessment of specific activities.

About this Publication

By Benedetta Ferraro, Giampietro Pizzo, Katia Raguzzoni , Matteo Solivo