The Next Wave of Suptech Innovation

Suptech solutions for market conduct supervision

In recent years, the application of suptech for market conduct supervisory purposes has become more widespread and sophisticated. Recent advancements, particularly in the realm of unstructured and text analysis, present opportunities for market conduct supervision where a greater reliance on qualitative assessments is required.

This technical note draws from a wide set of regulatory experiences to showcase new suptech solutions specific to market conduct supervision. The main objective of the note is to assist market conduct authorities, particularly those in low- and middle-income countries, to build and enhance supervisory capacity and efficiency by providing concrete examples where supervisory technology can be leveraged.

Four key insights for market conduct authorities can be drawn from this note:

  • Increasing operational efficiency and enhancing supervisory effectiveness are two of the primary motivations for adopting suptech solutions for market conduct.
  • Suptech solutions for market conduct supervision can be grouped into four categories.
  • Suptech implementation is about more than just the technology.
  • Various strategies can be used to help accelerate the development and implementation of suptech solutions.

About this Publication

By Ligia Lopes, Jennifer Chien, Mackenzie Wallace, , Edoardo Totolo