State of the Sector: Agri-Insurance for Smallholder Farmers

A global stocktake of an evolving industry

The findings of this report were shared and debated in a virtual industry convening of over 130 stakeholders in January 2022. Key ideas and reactions from these discussions have been captured in this report, which sets out to:

  • Take stock of the current state of agri-insurance for smallholder households, distilling what has changed in the sector since 2018.
  • Introduce new ways of thinking about the sector in the form of four deep dives.
  • Propose a set of priority areas to guide work over the next five years.

The authors hope that this research can continue to support the insights, partnerships and investments needed to respond to the climate crisis, with smallholder farmers at the center of the action agenda.

About this Publication

By Matt Shakhovskoy, Natalia Pshenichnaya, Manuel Lozano, Mark Robertson & Katharine Pulvermacher