Embedding Trust: The Potential of Privacy by Design for Inclusive Finance

This report is intended to be an introduction to Privacy by Design (PbD) and to review the main PbD approaches in literature and wider market practice for their potential applications in the inclusive finance sector. The analysis is based on a literature review and key informant interviews with privacy and inclusive finance experts conducted by the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) between May and August 2022.

The paper groups findings into four approaches to PbD, each of which attempts to embed privacy through different means, often by combining various tools, methods, and areas of application. The paper also identifies a series of gaps and barriers that limit the potential of PbD, particularly in emerging markets and developing economies. The report closes with considerations for the adaption of PbD for fintechs working with low-income and vulnerable consumers. CFI aims to build off this initial report to develop practical guidance on PbD for fintech product teams.

About this Publication

By Alexandra Rizzi