Private Asset Impact Fund Report 2022

This report is the outcome of a four-month-long survey conducted by Tameo on private asset impact funds (PAIFs) with a focus on developing countries. The surveyed market consists of all investment vehicles operated by specialized impact fund managers and that have more than 50 percent of their non-cash asset allocated both to private debt or private equity instruments and to emerging and frontier markets, with a development impact bias.

The 2022 survey brings together the most comprehensive dataset to date on this investment fund universe. It also segments the analysis by each fund’s primary asset class (fixed income, equity and mixed funds) and primary impact sector (climate & energy; food & agriculture; health & education; housing, water & communities; microfinance; SME development; and multi-sector funds). It also delves into those impact management and measurement approaches that are inherent to development finance investments. The report highlights microfinance fund data given their historical prominence within the PAIF landscape.

About this Publication