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Symbiotics Investments – Arranged Repack Enables Amundi Asset Management to Invest in BBVA Colombia’s Blue Bond

The issuance of the blue bond gives BBVA Colombia a fresh source of funding to grow their investments in water and marine-related projects


IFC’s $56-Million Investment in Global IME Bank to Bolster Gender and Climate Financing in Nepal

The aim of the investment is to boost competitiveness in the small and medium enterprise finance market while also improving financial inclusion, creating jobs, and supporting the nation's climate goals. 


What Win-Win Lost: Rethinking Microfinance Subsidy in the Past and Designing for the Future

This working paper calls for reclaiming the power and value of subsidy to accomplish policy goals in order for the future of social investment in microfinance to be more effective.


Climate Finance: Fintech Nithio Raises $10 Million for Its African Operations

The $10 million funding will enable Nithio to extend its financing to distributors of solar home systems and solar appliances for productive use, such as lighting, communication, irrigation and cooling systems for households and businesses.

FinDev Interview

In Times of Crisis, Who Holds the Lifeline for Microfinance Institutions and Their Clients?

Youssef Fawaz of the Lebanese MFI Al Majmoua, shares the difficult reality of trying to keep an established institution running while the economy collapses around it.


KIMS Microfinance Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement Gargaara Finance Limited

Under this agreement Garagaara will provide an expandable shariah compliant line of financing to KIMS for use by the institution to increase its provision of financing of MSEs across the Somalia.


Habitat for Humanity International Update - MicroBuild Fund

MicroBuild will provide significant debt relief to Al Majmoua to help alleviate financial pressures and support the MFI’s ongoing efforts to fulfill its social objectives.


USAID Launches Rural Financial Inclusion Program in Guatemala

As part of the program, USAID will provide an initial investment of over $6 million to launch a Feed the Future rural financial inclusion program in Guatemala.


Symbiotics Unveils 2022 Impact Report: Promoting Sustainable Development Through Financial Inclusion

With the proceeds of this $5,000,000 green bond, candi solar expands its project portfolio to equip small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with affordable and reliable solar power across emerging markets.


How and Why We Finance SMEs

This paper tells the story of BII’s efforts to close the SME financing gap, tries to explain why the gap exists, and examines what the evidence has to say about the development impact of improving access to finance for SMEs.