Advancing Livelihoods Through Financial Inclusion in Iraq

This report seeks to provide an overview of the target market and enabling environment for the financial services industry with a view to guiding the structure and implementation of the ILO PROSPECTS pilot initiative. The sections present:

  • An overview of the macro-level country context of Iraq.
  • The legislation, policies, regulations and key characteristics of the financial sector.
  • An analysis of the target market, including an initial segmentation of the IDP, returnee, refugee and host sub-segments, their socio-demographic profiles, livelihoods and economic opportunities, as well as their demand for financial services.
  • The findings in a presentation of the market size and the scope of the demand for expanded financial services in ILO PROSPECTS focus areas.

It also provides a set of recommendations on the implementation of strategic efforts to facilitate the financial inclusion of forcibly displaced people and host communities in Iraq.

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