Investor Roadmap for Inclusive Green Growth

This collaborative report shares new research that highlights the commercial impetus to accelerate a wave of green investment into emerging markets. With a focus on commercially viable green solutions, the report outlines four key sectors (the built environment, energy, mobility, and agriculture) where private capital could play a transformative role in the lives of emerging consumers and the global race to net zero.

Emerging markets can leapfrog a generation of polluting, expensive technology, and infrastructure, creating enormous prosperity for consumers, as well as tens of millions of new jobs. Some green technologies in emerging markets now offer a ‘green discount’, where cost of green goods and services is out-competing the incumbent carbon-intensive technologies by 14-75 percent.  Yet, despite now being cheaper, these solutions are not yet widely adopted. With examples across Africa, India and South-East Asia, the publication details what the top investable opportunities are in emerging markets for global investors and how capital can be deployed into commercially attractive investments that support a just green transition. 

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