Beyond Access: A Look Into the Drivers of Long-term Financial Health

In this study, Mastercard and Nubank partnered to investigate the needs, preferences, attitudes, goals and behaviors of millions of consumers. Through a combination of qualitative interviews, surveys of 2,000 Nubank customers and Brazilian consumers and granular analysis of three years of aggregated and pseudonymized transactional and behavioral data from over 3.6 million Nubank customers, the research gathered a rich set of insights to inform how we can collectively close the gap between account access and a sense of sustainable financial security and health. The study mapped the experiences of people accessing and using financial solutions and tools against the holistic financial inclusion journey as defined by four stages: Access, Usage, Security and Health.

The analysis allows us to identify the drivers that move people along their financial inclusion journey, and the barriers that may keep them lagging behind. These are invaluable insights that will inform the design and deployment of innovative solutions with the potential to empower people and power economies in Brazil and beyond.

About this Publication

By Caroline Afonso, Guilherme Vieira, Eleine Polido & Mohammad Rizwanullah