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UNEP FI Launches Newest Guidance on Financial Health and Inclusion for Banks

The new guidance is set to support financial institutions advance the financial well-being of their customers, both individuals and businesses.


Improving Financial Health in Cambodia's Garment Sector Through Responsible Wage Digitalization: Benefits for Women and Business

This report sets out the results11 from supporting 17 garment factories in Cambodia with over 25,000 workers, 85 percent women, with wage digitalization, and enabling workers to access, use and benefit from their accounts.

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Sweeter Prospects for Cocoa Farmers

Cocoa is one of the world’s most prized foods, but the smallholder farmers in Cote d’Ivoire who produce it live in extreme poverty. Formal land ownership can improve their financial outlook.


Strengthening Rural Women’s Climate Resilience: Opportunities for Financial and Agricultural Service Providers

This paper provides an overview of 10 opportunities for service providers, investors, and donors to improve rural women’s resilience to climate change, and gives examples of innovative ways in which financial and agricultural service providers are already seizing these opportunities.


Building a Bridge Between Financial Education and Financial Health

This publication focuses on understanding the relationship between financial education and financial health and how these can ultimately contribute to improve the lives of low-income populations.

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Financial Health as a Consumer Journey

The deep value of a financial health framework is to enable financial service providers and regulators to step into customers' shoes and design products and policies that accompany and support them on their pathway to financial well-being.


Migrant Financial Resilience: Where Are We in Preparing the Building Blocks?

This paper details the existing ecosystem of providing social protection services, including contributory insurance and pensions for the migrant communities.


Scaling the Next Frontiers in Migrant Money: The Case for Insurance and Pensions

This paper details the demand levels, the ecosystem and the institutional factors that need to be explored to realize the potential of insurance and pensions, contributing to financial resilience of migrants worldwide.

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How Do Digital Remittances Contribute to Women’s Financial Health?

Results from a UNCDF survey make clear the need for more gender-smart and migrant-centric remittance products.

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The Role of Savings in Promoting Financial Health

Financial health is an emerging topic of research, advocacy and practice that aims to understand, measure, and ultimately improve the part of well-being that is associated with the financial life of individuals that we serve. This webinar examines if financial services, especially savings, contribute to the financial health of low-income clients and in what ways.