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Agent Networks ​at the Last Mile: Implications for Financial​ Service Providers

As part of CGAP's Cash-In/Cash-Out (CICO) for Rural Agent Networks project, CGAP and its partners made a comprehensive compilation of recent global knowledge about how CICO agent networks operate in different markets and the financial service provider (FSP) practices, policies and regulations that have enabled their development.

This reading deck for Financial Services Providers (FSPs) shows:

  1. How rural Cash-in/Cash-Out (CICO) agent network expansion leads to increased customer value and sustained market growth.
  2. The barriers FSPs face to expand rural CICO networks.
  3. Successful new practices carried out in different markets that address barriers and result in improved rural CICO reach and quality. 

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About this Publication

By Emilio Hernandez & Christopher Blackburn