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Bringing Agent Banking to Rural Women’s Self-Help Groups in India

While the spread of agent networks throughout rural India has helped bring banking to many people’s doorsteps, this type of service was inaccessible for informal groups until the recent spread of a new technical solution called Dual Authentication.


Women Agents for Financial Inclusion: Exploring the Benefits, Constraints, and Potential Solutions

This working paper explores the benefits of having more women agents, the challenges they face, and potential solutions to promote their participation in the DFS ecosystem.

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A Technical Guide to Unlock Agent Networks at the Last Mile

This guide outlines five key actions for digital financial service providers, regulators, and funders to expand rural Cash-In and Cash-Out agent networks based on CGAP's global experience.

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Agent Gender Matters, but How to Recruit and Retain Women Agents?

This blog post shares four strategies to help FSPs overcome the obstacles they face in onboarding female agents and create an environment that encourages women to join and thrive as agents.

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Decoding the Practices of CICO Agents in Indonesia

This study was conducted to understand the world of cash-in/cash-out agents through MSC's innovative diaries research methodology.

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Cash-in and Cash-out (CICO) Agent Use Cases: Opportunities for Diversification

This publication recommends solutions to foster CICO agent sustainability, such as evaluation of agent willingness, mobility, technical and soft skills, digital savviness, financial sustainability, ability to identify potential customers, and others.


Launching a Project for Innovative Agent Network Solutions in Ethiopia

UNCDF launches the Cash-in/Cash-Out (CICO) project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, bringing together key stakeholders from Ethiopia's banking sector, MNOs, Fintechs, MFIs, development agencies and other digital financial services ecosystem players.


Business Correspondent Network Managers Experiment And Demonstrating Scale: Endline Report

This study shares findings from three pilots, in collaboration with six partners, conducted as part of the action research agenda to experiment with product diversification, capacity building, and customer empowerment.

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Study to Assess the Role and Impact of Women Self-Help Groups as Banking Agents in Bihar​

This slide deck provides the main findings from a CGAP research exploring the role of gender in developing rural agent networks in Bihar State, India, through the State Government's Bank Sakhi Program.


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Towards a More Sustainable Livelihood for Business Correspondent Agents

A new pilot explores the possibilities for agents in rural India to include assisted e-commerce among the services they offer.