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Persona and Social Norm Overlay: Design Template

Unpacking how social norms impact women's ability to interact with financial services
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This slide deck is a supplement to the official CGAP Blog "Personas Show How Social Norms Impact Women’s Financial Inclusion" (December 2020).

A persona is a descriptive summary of representative primary users and the key stakeholders that influence their behaviors. It includes an overview of their situation, context, needs, motivations, and benefits. A persona is developed from a range of different sources, pulling together common characteristics of similar people into an “archetype” through which a group can be understood.

This persona template has been adapted from the CGAP Customer Centric Guide and can be used by development practitioners and financial service providers looking to overlay social norms onto personas. By doing this implementers and designers can better understand the multiple layers of women as clients and unpack the way in which social norms impact their ability to interact with financial services.  

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