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Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods (WIRAL): Review and Synthesis of Literature and Leading Experience

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This slide deck is related to the following CGAP slide deck: “Financial Solutions for Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods" (November 2021).

The document synthesizes research conducted and key learnings to date regarding women in rural and agricultural livelihoods (WIRAL). This synthesis incorporates the work of the five core partners convened to further the WIRAL research agenda – CGAP, IDH, Mercy Corps AgriFin (MCA), the Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab, and UNCDF – and research from the broader development community. It is intended to create a structured evidence baseline to achieve three core objectives:

  1. Understand the key constraints facing WIRAL with regards to access to and returns from labor and markets.
  2. Map partner activities (e.g. CGAP, IDH, MCA, RAFLL and UNCDF) and assess how these work to address the constraints facing WIRAL.
  3. Provide structure and reference to the body of pre-existing WIRAL literature to guide future related research and action on the subject.

Together, the research findings captured in this document will be useful for a range of stakeholders trying to increase opportunities and resilience for WIRAL, including financial service providers (FSPs), policy makers, market facilitators, development practitioners, and funding agencies, with a view to providing a consolidated repository of immediate insights and a platform from which to pursue further research questions.


This work was funded in whole or in part by CGAP. Unlike CGAP's official publications, it has not been peer reviewed or edited by CGAP, and any conclusions or viewpoints expressed are those of the authors, and they may or may not reflect the views of CGAP staff.

About this Publication

By Naoko Koyama, Charlie Habershon, Jonathan Davidson, Faith Barorot & Phoebe Kiburi