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Analysis of Peru’s Financial Consumer Listening Mechanisms

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The slide deck is a supplement to the CGAP Blog "Peruvian Authorities Pilot Tool to Improve Consumer Listening" (June 2022).

This slide deck presents the findings of research commissioned by CGAP as part of its work on empowering market conduct authorities and other stakeholders to monitor consumer risks and elevating collective consumers’ voice. The research into Peru’s financial consumer listening mechanisms, conducted in collaboration with Accenture, assesses how Peruvian authorities are using technology to better listen to the voice of financial consumers for oversight and market conduct monitoring. Further, by analyzing the Peruvian authorities’ regulatory and enforcement processes to identify how financial consumer inputs are being considered for policymaking, the research lays the foundations for stronger collaboration and information exchange for financial consumer listening, market monitoring and regulatory improvements with the aim of building an integrated platform for consumers in the future.

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