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New Publication: State of the Art of Green Inclusive Finance 2011-2019

e-MFP is excited to present the analysis of Green Inclusive Finance trends over the past decade in a publication "State of the Art of Green Inclusive Finance 2011-2019."


State of the Art of Green Inclusive Finance 2011-2019

This report, which is the result of a collaborative effort with the Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group, offers a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of green inclusive finance.


Child Labor, Rainfall Shocks, and Financial Inclusion: Evidence From Rural Households

This paper explores how rural Colombian households respond to rainfall shocks by shifting children's time from school to domestic activities, with the impact on education mitigated or exacerbated by financial inclusion measures.


Climate Risk and Financial Inclusion: A Regulatory Perspective on Risks and Opportunities

This working paper outlines how inclusive green finance policies can enhance financial stability by creating a more resilient real economy and reducing the risks facing the financial sector.

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Sweeter Prospects for Cocoa Farmers

Cocoa is one of the world’s most prized foods, but the smallholder farmers in Cote d’Ivoire who produce it live in extreme poverty. Formal land ownership can improve their financial outlook.

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PAYGo PERFORM: Industry Trends

This new report provides the first ever publicly available analysis of the overall financial health of the PAYGo sector using the indicators developed through the PAYGo PERFORM Initiative.


Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRAg) Whitepaper

This whitepaper examines how stakeholders can use and finance digital technology to address smallholder farmers’ challenges caused by conflict, the pandemic, and climate change.


Climate Change and Index Insurance

This briefing note summarizes the emerging issues related to climate change and index insurance, discussing how climate trends are being considered in index product design and pricing, and how this could be improved.

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Disaster Risk Finance Strategy: Guideline for Pacific Island Countries

This guideline provides a step-by-step account of how Pacific Island countries can develop national Disaster Risk Financing strategies.


Denmark Signs Agreement With UNDP and UNCDF Bangladesh to Extend Local Government Initiative on Climate Change for Two Years

The extension of the Local Government Initiative on Climate Change Project will be implemented in two districts of Bangladesh to strengthen communities' resilience to the impacts of climate change.