Rural Livelihoods in a Changing Food System

The shock of COVID-19 offers a once-in-a-generation chance to fundamentally change global systems. With the vulnerabilities of the food system exposed, there is growing momentum to revisit this complex web of global relationships to ensure that outcomes for consumers, producers, and the firms that connect them support an inclusive and sustainable vision. 

What trends, drivers, and decisions are shaping the future of the food system? And how might financial and non-financial services open opportunity and build resilience in rural livelihoods? 

Building on recent work from ISF Advisors and CGAP, join this webinar with industry practitioners and thinkers to tackle key questions in the post-COVID food system and outline the challenges and potential ahead.


  • Debbie Aung Din, Proximity Design
  • Christabell Makokha, IDEO.org 
  • Sieka Gatabaki, AgriFin Accelerate
  • Jamie Anderson, CGAP | Co-Moderator
  • Matt Shakhovskoy, ISF Advisors | Co-Moderator

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