Inclusive Green Finance: From Concept to Practice

This study explores the overlaps of green finance and financial inclusion in addressing the issues of environmental change, financial stability, and social equity, and calls for the integration of both finance concepts into the emerging inclusive green finance (IGF) policy area. The report examines the role of financial inclusion in environmental change mitigation, adaptation and a just transition. It shares concrete examples of existing policy interventions and outlines a new policy framework for IGF.

The study first provides a conceptual framework of how financial inclusion can enable and support climate change adaptation and mitigation in principle. Second, the study approaches IGF from a policymaker’s perspective. It builds on the conceptual analysis to help practitioners devise policies that can foster IGF on the ground. The study concludes by highlighting the role of IGF in making economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis more sustainable, and by discussing potential next steps in advancing IGF globally.

About this Publication

By Ulrich Volz, Peter Knaack, Johanna Nyman, Laura Ramos & Jeanette Moling