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Artificial Intelligence in Financial Inclusion: How Should Supervisors Respond?

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the financial sector is spreading exponentially across advanced and emerging economies. What are the risks and opportunities presented by these innovations?
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Digital Transformation: Who Is in the Driver's Seat?

The role of executive leadership is key for microfinance institutions to move successfully towards the digital future.
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Incentives for Small Retailers to Climb the Modernization and Digitization Ladder

Lessons from traditional small-scale shopkeepers in Mexico on finding incentives beyond business education and cash provision
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Digital Innovation: Three Key Lessons to Improve the Resilience of African MFIs and Their Clients

Takeaways from the African Microfinance Week (SAM) on overcoming the challenges and risks associated with digital transformation
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How To Keep the Human Touch While Digitizing Agricultural Value Chains

Hedwig Siewertsen of AGRA discusses the different digital solutions for financing agricultural value chains that were shared at African Microfinance Week this year.
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Feeling the Social Finance Vibe in Europe and Central Asia

Microfinance Centre’s new CEO discusses the challenges of the pandemic, digital transformation and the future of inclusive finance.
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Going Digital Is Not Enough to Reach Scale

More radical organizational change - in the form of self-management - is needed to solve microfinance’s optimization problem. 
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After the Storm: How Microfinance Can Adapt and Thrive

There has been a need for traditional microfinance to face the challenge presented by digital technology for some time, COVID has simply accelerated this process.
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COVID-19 Has Made MFI Digital Transformation Even More Urgent: How Can Funders Help?

Belgian development finance institution BIO shares the results of their client survey and how they are changing their practices to better support MFIs
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Gateway Guide to Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions

Should all financial service providers climb on the digital bandwagon to stay relevant? In this Gateway Guide, we share our main take-aways from the latest research and practical lessons across the sector.