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Resilient Rural Women: A Guide to Knowledge Resources

This guide points readers to relevant resources that shed light on rural women’s exposure to climate change and emerging solutions that help them adapt and build their resilience.
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Video Highlights From SAM 2023: Financial Inclusion and Climate Resilience

Earlier this month, FinDev Gateway conducted six video interviews, summarizing key insights from various sessions at African Microfinance Week 2023, showcasing their efforts in addressing climate risks.
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Sweeter Prospects for Cocoa Farmers

Cocoa is one of the world’s most prized foods, but the smallholder farmers in Cote d’Ivoire who produce it live in extreme poverty. Formal land ownership can improve their financial outlook.
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Incorporating Environmental Criteria in Social Performance Management Standards

The updated Universal Standards provide improved, more practical guidance for financial service providers.
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Green Inclusive Finance: Necessity and Opportunity for MFIs in Middle East and North Africa

How can the region’s microfinance sector help manage climate risks and continue to protect and improve livelihoods?
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Water and Wellbeing in a Changing World

A strong evidence base helps strengthen the case for water and sanitation financing to meet Sustainable Development Goal 6.
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Four Types of Policies to Help Build Climate Resilience

The third post of the FinDev Blog Series on Climate Change and Financial Inclusion discusses the 4 Ps of inclusive green finance, which provide a framework for policymakers to harness the potential of financial inclusion.
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How Can Microfinance Institutions Help Their Clients Build Climate Resilience?

In the second post of the FinDev Blog Series on Climate Change and Financial Inclusion, we look at how both financial and non-financial services will be crucial in helping MFI clients adapt to climate change.
FinDev Guide

Guide to Climate Change and Financial Inclusion

The publications in this FinDev Guide explore the connection between financial inclusion and climate change resilience and adaptation, through the lens of financial service providers, investors and policymakers.
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What Do Microfinance Clients Need to Adapt to Climate Change?

In the first post of the FinDev Blog Series on Climate Change and Financial Inclusion, we explore insights from Rwandan smallholder farmers on building climate resilience through microfinance.