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Rethinking MSME Financing: It's the Customer's Digital Transformation That Matters

As small businesses go digital, platform data can help MFIs better serve them, contributing to a healthier, more sustainable and more inclusive lending model.
FinDev Blog

Who Do You Trust? Building a “TrustScore” for Savings Groups

DreamStart Labs explores how to incorporate member-driven assessments into credit scoring through their app.
FinDev Blog

Sharing the Risk: “Micro Equity” for Savings Groups

DreamStart Labs is re-thinking assumptions about how to design solutions for people in emerging economies, starting with a new product which aims to distribute risks more fairly.
FinDev Blog

The Hole in the Bucket: The Impact of De-risking on Non-Profit Organizations

Whole groups are at risk of falling out of the financial system as banks develop increasingly risk-averse controls due to AML/CFT regulations. As non-profits face growing barriers to financial access, what can we do to reverse this trend?