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Four Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Agricultural Financing

How can we expand financial services to the farms to feed the world’s growing population? Learn more at African Microfinance Week 2017, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 9 to 13 Oct 2017.
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Last Mile Financial Inclusion: What Will It Take to Reach More Rural Women?

Digital services - with their geographic reach, ease of use, and transparency - are driving financial inclusion and alleviating poverty. But are rural women being left behind? Learn more at #SEEP2017.
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Why We Chose Not To Invest in Microfinance

Ahead of the 7th Annual Central Asian & Caucasus Microfinance Forum, Margot Jacobs, Senior Advisor on the private equity team at East Capital, shares tips for MFIs on becoming more attractive for investors.
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Data Science Brings Education Finance to More Families

Opportunity International shares its unique approach to education finance, using algorithms to get more children in school through education loans for families and low-cost private schools.
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How In Touch Are You With the Youth of Today?

A vast majority of youth and children live in developing countries, and nearly half of them live on less than USD 2 a day. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about young people and their financial lives.
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Sesame Street Muppets Take On Financial Empowerment

It all starts with a dream. Then save. Then do. Sesame Workshop’s “Dream, Save, Do - Financial Empowerment for Families” program is helping children and their families build a better future.
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Digital Winds of Change in Rural India

How can MFIs manage the inevitable change as the world goes digital? Collaboration is one key strategy. Grameen Foundation India shares how an MFI-Fintech collaboration is transforming the lives of poor rural women.
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What’s Working and What’s Not in Social Performance Management?

An honest conversation about social performance in Latin America at the SPTF Annual Meeting
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Remittances for Development: How Far Have We Come?

What will it take to bring the cost of remittance transfers down? Lessons from the Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development.
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Bottom-Up or Top-Down: Which Way Should Regulation Go?

When does microfinance regulation help the institutions it covers, and when does it hinder them? A lively conversation took place at the SPTF Annual Meeting between regulators and the regulated in Latin America.