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Making Clean Cooking Affordable

Following the FinDev Gateway webinar on financing for clean cooking, GLPGP discusses how innovative consumer finance approaches can help facilitate access to clean cooking in developing countries.
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Why Do Practitioners Value FinEquity?

In honor of International Women’s Day, FinDev Gateway features FinEquity (formerly known as the Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice), a special corner of FinDev where practitioners working to increase women’s financial inclusion can share ideas, resources and lessons learned. Uloma Ogba of UNCDF tells us what she values about this community of practice.
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Does Fintech Have Us Spellbound?

How can we identify which fintech companies and products offer impact potential without being enthralled by the latest 'shiny new object'? Four frameworks help us separate potential from hype.
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The Hole in the Bucket: The Impact of De-risking on Non-Profit Organizations

Whole groups are at risk of falling out of the financial system as banks develop increasingly risk-averse controls due to AML/CFT regulations. As non-profits face growing barriers to financial access, what can we do to reverse this trend?
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Great Expectations: Fintech and the Poor

There’s off-the-charts hype around fintech in the financial inclusion community, but how much does it really help poor people? CGAP’s CEO Greta Bull says it’s time to rethink the promise of fintech and focus on how to better harness the innovation it brings in service of poor people.
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Two Steps Behind: Social Inequality Poses a Challenge for Women’s Financial Inclusion in DR Congo

A recent FINCA survey of clients in DR Congo shows that women entrepreneurs are confined to the smallest, least profitable businesses. Getting a realistic picture of the obstacles women face helps prepare us for the task ahead of shifting the ground in women’s favor.
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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

In 2018, FinDev Gateway published more blog posts than ever before, thanks to so many of our partner organizations and contributing community members. So which ones did you read the most?
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Is FinDev Gateway Run by Cobots?

Find out the shocking truth behind FinDev Gateway. What does our new name really mean? And who (or what) actually runs this site?
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Who Is Innovating in the Arab World?

Meet the eight finalists of the inaugural edition of the Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, presented at the Sanabel Conference in Amman, Jordan.
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Don’t Let Digitization Create More Inefficiencies

Faisal Abdul Wahab shares how his company PCES is helping financial service providers find smart ways to digitize.