Case Study

Study on Microfinance and Social Mobilization for Women's Empowerment - A Case Study of DHAN Foundation

Can economic strength be the basis of social, political and psychological power in society?
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This study was undertaken to look into the following aspects of the Dhan Foundation:

  • The role of Dhan foundation as an institution, its perspective and approach in contributing to the empowering processes;
  • The design and management of microfinance program of Dhan foundation, its out reach and the process of women's empowerment;
  • The changes in the life of individual as well as collectives of women as a result of Dhan's interventions.

Major inferences drawn by the study suggest that the Dhan interventions:

  • Have been able to reach out to a large number of poorest and disadvantaged section of women;
  • Have reduced the vulnerability of the women, thus impacting poverty in the long run;
  • Have brought about socio-political change through:
    • Breakdown of caste and class barriers;
    • Women getting ready to participate in panchayat elections.

Major challenges that the study highlights include:

  • Verifying the economic viability of the projects along with appropriate skill development of the beneficiaries to ensure sustainability of the interventions;
  • Lack of education, awareness and economic opportunities creating constraints in providing equals status for women and man;
  • Oppressive caste structures and social evils still prevailing in the society.

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By Padia, V.