Case Study

Case Study - Indonesia Midwives Loan Fund: Can a Revolving Loan Fund be used to Encourage Private Midwifery Practices?

Improving quality of health services by strengthening capacities of individual private practitioners
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This paper emphasizes the critical role of individual private practitioners in delivering health services. It analyzes the creation of a revolving loan fund by Summa Foundation to provide loans to midwives in Indonesia, so that they may expand and establish their practices.

The paper attempts to determine whether replicating the Indonesia Midwives Loan Fund can achieve desired health objectives in other countries. Comparing the outcomes from Indonesia with the desired outcomes, the paper identifies the following to validate the replicability of the model:

  • Outcomes from Indonesia;
  • Factors critical to success in Indonesia.

Providing an overview of the intervention, the paper presents the outcomes from the intervention against targeted objectives. It analyzes the loan fund features through in-depth study of two aspects of the loan:

  • Design elements;
  • Implementation elements.

The paper identifies six elements of design and implementation as critical to the success of the Indonesia Midwives Loan Fund:

  • Partner expertise and responsibilities;
  • Borrower criteria;
  • Loan terms and conditions;
  • Promotion of loan fund;
  • Coordination of partners;
  • Management of default.

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By The Summa Foundation & Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu