Case Study

Managing Social Performance: AMK (Cambodia)

Seeking financial sustainability while meeting social goals
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This note presents the summary of a case study on AMK, a fast growing MFI in Cambodia. It is part of the Managing Social Performance series which showcases MFIs demonstrating microfinance good practice.

AMK is dedicated to the efficient provision of financial services for the poor in rural Cambodia. It is also achieving significant social performance. This has been the result of clear strategy and committed leadership, strong information systems and a careful alignment of its organizational systems to its social mission.

The note states that AMK’s approach to social performance management is holistic and the MFI has taken practical innovative steps towards achieving its social mission. Its strengths include:

  • Board Social Performance Committee (SPC);
  • Social reporting framework summarizing social performance information;
  • Concern for client protection, which is incorporated into its internal audit function;
  • Very strong internal research function, whose benefits largely outweigh its costs;
  • Maintaining a strong social performance culture within a high growth strategy.

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