Case Study

Resolving Client Complaints: Mechanisms Employed at Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Evaluating benefits of client complaints mechanisms for improving service delivery
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This case study describes the successful implementation of the Client Protection Principles (CPPs), which are mechanisms for complaint resolution, by the Indian MFI Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd. Ujjivan has five complaint mechanisms in place: customer care representatives (CRR), written complaints, customer connect program, helpdesk/phone line, and customer exit interviews. To understand the value of these mechanisms, The Smart Campaign has over a period of six months conducted in-depth interviews of Ujjivan staff and four focus groups discussions involving approximately 100 clients. The study discusses the following in details:
  • Development and evolution of complaints mechanisms at Ujjivan: regulatory requirements in India, institution of a customer service department, and creation of a grievance redressal policy;
  • Resolving client complaints: development of a customized complaints software and the process of registering complaints in the system;
  • Conducting staff training sessions for handling client complaints;
  • Informing clients about their right to complain using various tools such as brochures, flip cards, posters;
  • Classifying and analyzing client complaints, segregating them on the basis of severity and addressing accordingly;
  • Highlighting the business case for complaints mechanisms by discussing the benefits to Ujjivan and its clients.

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By Bansal, H. & Mohan, A.