Case Study

Proportionality in Practice: Distribution

Lessons from supervisors on implementing proportionate regulation on access to insurance
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The Proportionality in Practice Case Studies (PIP Case Studies) aim to provide practical guidance on how regulations have been implemented in a proportionate manner in order to achieve access to insurance and other insurance development goals, while being in line with the Insurance Core Principles. It is an effort to systematically collate practical examples from supervisors who have implemented or begun the process of implementing such proportionate regulations, and generate lessons from their experience.

This paper looks at proportionality in regulations relating to distribution by drawing on the experiences of Ghana, Mexico and the Philippines. They examine the practical aspects of distribution in which proportionate regulatory treatment can be accorded in order to encourage the industry to offer inclusive insurance while ensuring consumer protection. Specifically, the case studies cover:

  • Intermediary licensing requirements and procedures (including training and qualifications);
  • Ongoing regulatory requirements and supervision of intermediaries.

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