Case Study

Her Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

A data deep dive into the customer base of two financial service providers engaging with low-income women

Women’s World Banking’s global network of financial service providers (FSPs) champions women’s financial inclusion in their local markets, shares best practices, and leverages expertise in inclusive economies. Never has this community of practice been more important to women’s economic empowerment than now, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic creating adverse economic effects on women entrepreneurs and their families.

This research is a product of the Making Savings Work for Women initiative. The initiative harnesses the power of accounts and other financial tools to help women save securely, invest in their businesses, and take control of their financial future. This study specifically sought to understand what COVID-19’s impact was on resilience for women with digital and bundled savings products.

About this Publication

By Mehrdad Mirpourian & Sonja Kelly